Because of the coronavirus all of our in-person gatherings
have been cancelled until further notice.
Please join our online worship service on Sunday mornings at 10AM.
See our HOME page for information.

Palm Sunday, April 5 @ 10AM (Livestream & Recorded)
Join in our livestream worship (see our HOME page for the link) as we remember the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. Pastor Phil will bring a message from Matthew 21:1-11. We won’t wave palm branches, but a movement has begun calling on Christians around the world to hang any kind of green branch on your front door on Palm Sunday. Any green branch will do. Hang it on or near your front door as a witness that you are celebrating the arrival of King Jesus: Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!

Palm Sunday, April 5 @ 8PM (Livestream & Recorded)
An online gathering for Jesus people to pray together: For our city. For each other. For the sick. For the Dying. A giant Zoom call with up to 10,000 friends together online remembering our calling and our purpose as the church in the Treasure Valley. On Sunday, April 5th at 8PM, join at Sponsored by Treasure the Valley, The City Network, Boise Harvest, Treasure Meridian, and the Church of the Treasure Valley.

Maundy Thursday, April 9 @ 7PM (Livestream & Recorded)
Join in our livestream worship (see our HOME page for the link) as we share the Supper our Lord gave us to remember Him. Dr. Jeff Jeremiah, Stated Clerk of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, has ruled that “virtual communion” is permissible in our services, given the extraordinary circumstances of our present moment. You will need to prepare your own elements to participate in the Lord’s Supper – a small serving of any kind of bread or cracker, and a small cup of any kind of juice or wine. Prepare your elements with care and prayer, and have them ready before the service begins. As we join together in livestream worship, I will pray asking the Lord to set apart all our elements to our spiritual nourishment, then we will partake together.

Good Friday, April 10 – Day of Prayer and Fasting
The Evangelical Presbyterian Church is calling on all our churches across the country to participate in a Day of Prayer and Fasting on Good Friday, calling on God to have mercy on His world, and pour out grace and healing in this time of COVID-19 epidemic. Two other denominations – the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) – are also participating. A prayer guide will be sent out by email as we get closer to Good Friday. There will not be a livestream service as part of the day.    

Easter Sunday, April 12 @ 10AM (Livestream & Recorded)
Jeff Davis and others will lead us in singing Christ the Lord Is Risen Today! Pastor Phil will begin worship saying, “Christ is risen!”, and in homes all over town you will say, “He is Risen indeed!” Pastor Phil will bring an Easter message of hope from Matthew 28:1-10.