Bruce Levi

Bruce Levi

Bruce Levi was raised in the Mormon religion (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints] in Nampa, Idaho. He earned his Eagle Scout and Duty to God Award in its youth program, and was ordained a Mormon Elder at age 18.

Bruce first began to see some contradictions in Mormon history and teachings as a teenager. While serving as a Mormon missionary in Germany, he encountered Christians who presented additional contradictions and told him the biblical gospel of salvation by grace.

At Brigham Young University, Bruce became aware of additional problems with Mormon history and came to realize that the Mormon doctrine of religious self-perfection was unreasonable. Bruce returned to Idaho and walked away from Mormonism in 1981.

God continued to draw Bruce to Himself and out of curiosity he attended church services at a local evangelical church. There he was astonished to see people worshiping Jesus Christ out of thankfulness rather than out of duty.

Bruce studied the many differences between Mormonism and historic Christianity. From the Bible he came to understand that he was by nature a sinner and that salvation is a free gift of God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ. In October 1981, he turned in repentance to God and placed his trust in Jesus Christ for eternal life.

Bruce’s career was primarily in in sales and marketing management for large corporations and then for nonprofit organizations. He also operated his own small business for many years. He is now retired and works part time as a school bus driver.

Over the years, Bruce has served as deacon, Sunday school teacher, youth worker, personal evangelism worker and on a church leadership board. In 2003, Bruce founded an educational, evangelistic, and discipleship ministry and is active in outreach to Mormons.