Sermons & Livestream Replays (Page 25)

Sermons & Livestream Replays (Page 25)

Bible readings will be from the ESV (English Standard Version) translation.
You can listen to or read God’s Word anytime with the free Gideon Bible app, available through the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.

All livestreamed services and replays are also available on our
Christ Presbyterian Church Boise YouTube Channel.

“Across the Divide” (Dr. Mark Smith)

(The first minute of this recording is the introduction of Mark Smith by Phil Moran, who’s microphone was not properly wired into the recording equipment. The sound gets much better after the first minute.) This recording contains introductory, and later, followup comments by Dr. Mark Smith,…

“What Are You Waiting For?” (Phil Moran)

We apologize for missing the beginning of this sermon due to technical issues. The scripture reference is James chapter 5, verses 7-12. Pastor Phil’s delivery of the sermon was also shortened due to schedule constraints, so the resulting recording is just 8 minutes and 20 seconds.