Our Denomination

Our Denomination

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Christ Presbyterian Church is a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Denomination (EPC). Within the EPC, it is part of the Presbytery of the Pacific that includes 70 churches in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Idaho. There are six EPC churches in southern Idaho that share a closer connection to each other. And we share retreats, programs and events with three of them that are in our extended metropolitan region.

The EPC was a great fit for us because:
— It is rooted in the 8 essentials of the Christian faith,
— it has a primary focus on sharing the good news of Christ to a hurting world, and
— it believes that a caring, servant ministry comes from people involved in real life, essential ministries.

The Presbytery of the Pacific  is currently seeking God’s guidance as to whether to “multiply” the Presbytery so that there will be two smaller Presbyteries formed from the larger one in order to enhance local relationship building and reduce travel distances to Presbytery meetings. Idaho churches would be included in a new “Northwest Presbytery of the Pacific” that includes Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Idaho churches.

HOW WE DECIDED TO BECOME A MEMBER CHURCH OF THE EPC: Christ Presbyterian Church formed as an independent church on September 27, 2014, with the intent to carefully consider whether to remain independent or to become affiliated with a denomination. The founding members were Evangelical and Reformed in theology and desired to have a church that was led by a Pastor (Teaching Elder) and Ruling Elders who were selected from the congregation for limited terms, made decisions for the congregation, were responsible for oversight of the spiritual well-being of the congregation and would seek God’s will first and also consider the input of the congregation. Christ Presbyterian Church was concerned about the theological drift of mainline denominations from the traditional beliefs of the Christian faith. The most important requirements of a good fit with a potential denomination was that it have a firm statement of “Essential Beliefs” and a solid history of teaching and upholding the traditional beliefs. Christ Presbyterian Church determined that the best fit for it would be as a member church of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) formed in 1981 with an eight-point statement of “The Essentials that mirrored the understanding of the church as the unchangeable traditional beliefs of Christianity. The Church petitioned (EPC) to become a member of that denomination on September 29, 2014 and was accepted on October 10, 2014 with an installation date of its Pastor and Elders on February 22, 2015. It is an excellent fit for Christ Presbyterian Church.